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  • Location:

    • Ukraine

  • Team:

    • 8 specialists

  • Industry:

    • Beauty and health

  • Technologies:

    • Java

    • Spring Framework

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • Vuexy

  • Solution:

    • CRM system

«FOROSTINA» is one of the largest manufacturers of construction components for roofs and fences in Ukraine. In more than 20 years of presence in the market, it has built up an impressive customer base, staff and a wide range of products. Therefore, to manage all internal processes, she needed an efficient and convenient automation tool.



In the past, the client used 1C for quite a long time, but over time, the limitations of the “boxed” solution began to interfere more than help further business development. Turning to us, the customer wanted to create a CRM that would allow managing all the company’s processes in one place: work with clients, accounting, warehouse, production, supply of raw materials and personnel.

To accomplish this task, we had to completely immerse ourselves in the business processes of FOROSTINA and build close communication with the client. In fact, during development, he became part of our team: he told how the company and its processes are arranged, participated in the discussion of the prototype, expressed his wishes for functionality, coordinated our proposals and offered his own ideas.



  • Collection of information. CRM development began with research. We held a series of online meetings where we identified the client’s needs, his wishes, studied the experience of using boxed solutions and wishes for a new system.


When the scope of work became clear, we formed a team, distributed tasks and began to perform them in sprints using the SCRUM methodology. Each sprint had clear deadlines and a goal, so the client always knew what was being done right now and what the result would be.

  • Technical documentation and prototype. At the beginning of the technical implementation, we created a prototype in which we schematically depicted the future CRM interface, the location of the main sections and the navigation system between them, and then presented our vision to the client.

  • Design. Instead of developing an individual design, we used Vuexy – the most convenient and customizable admin panel template with two interface modes (light and dark).

  • Technical development. The Java programming language has become the basis of CRM, which is ideal for fast processing of mathematical calculations.

  • Testing. Each sprint involved QA engineers who checked the correctness of the functionality.

  • Technical support and development. After the start of work in the new CRM, the client began to have new ideas for expanding the functionality, which we discuss, develop and implement into an already working system.



CRM for FOROSTINA has extended functionality, and in order to differentiate its capabilities for different employees, we have created a flexible access system.

The main sections of CRM:

  • Dashboard. Statistics panel with general business indicators: income, expenses, analytics of orders and customer debts for the selected period

  • Orders. Track and manage all active orders.

  • Catalog. Interface with the company’s product catalog, where you can view the cards of all products and, if necessary, make changes to them.

  • Customers. Database of all clients of the company, in which you can track the entire history of interaction with each buyer

  • Stock. Interface for managing products stored in the customer’s warehouse.

  • Financial management. Interface to control all financial flows of the company.

  • Staff. A solution for convenient personnel management, with an interactive time tracking calendar. Also in this interface, the head of the company can track information about the effectiveness of employees by viewing the amount of work performed by him for the reporting period.

  • Production reports. Interface for monitoring the volume of manufactured products, with the ability to export data to xls-file.

  • Users. Section for managing access rights of CRM users.

  • Settings. Here, the manager can edit the positions in his company, as well as manage the categories of goods and raw materials.

  • Catalog of raw materials. Module for managing raw materials and their supplies.



Thanks to well-coordinated work and interaction with the client, we managed to create a solution that combines the functions of CRM and warehouse accounting systems. And most importantly, each created module is designed for the individual needs of the FOROSTINA company and 100% fulfills the tasks assigned to it.

CRM helped the client to automate most business processes and completely avoid using third-party software, which limited the development of the company. Now CRM is at the stage of development and technical support, and continues to be modernized in parallel with the growth of the client’s business.

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