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  • Location:

    • Ukraine

  • Industry:

    • Real estate agency

  • Technologies:

    • Yii2

    • Laravel

  • Team:

    • 5 specialists

  • Solution:

    • BackEnd - Yii2 – API mobile +CRM;

    • Laravel - API website

Atlanta is one of the leading real estate agencies in Ukraine. For over 20 years, the company has been assisting clients in finding residential and commercial properties, as well as addressing any issues related to buying, selling, or renting properties.

An important priority for Atlanta is the development of its own digital infrastructure, aimed at reducing the operational burden on real estate agents and improving the quality of customer service. To achieve this goal, the company has launched its own corporate website, CRM system, and commenced the development of a mobile application.



The client approached us with a request to create API methods for the application and the updated website, which would allow them to connect with the web version of the CRM. The work began with immersing ourselves in the context. We studied the client's requirements and analyzed their existing software, which revealed some problematic areas:

The mobile application layout provided by the client contained many implicit and undescribed logic points, which could negatively impact the user experience and lead to errors.

The application needed to implement functionality that had not yet been realized in the CRM system.

We brainstormed potential changes and presented them to the client, after which it was decided to adjust the initial work plan. Thus, two new tasks were added to the main task of developing the API: incorporating changes into the existing application layout and adapting the capabilities of the current CRM to the new business tasks.

Once the scope of work was clear, we assembled an optimal technical team, assigned project roles, divided tasks into sprints following the principles of the Agile methodology, and began their execution.


As the main stack, we utilized popular PHP frameworks:

Yii2 — for writing the API of the mobile application and enhancing the client's existing CRM system.

Laravel — for enhancing the API of the corporate website.

The documentation of API endpoints for the mobile application and website was done using the Swagger toolset, allowing us to implement a reliable channel of interaction between the CRM and other digital products of Atlanta.



In the end, our team completed the following tasks:

Thoroughly analyzed the client's digital solutions, identified implicit issues, and proposed solutions for their rectification.

Conducted an analysis of the mobile application mockup, identified UI/UX issues, and supervised their rectification.

Developed APIs and Swagger for the mobile application.

Developed Swagger and wrote new API methods for the updated corporate website.

Enhanced the capabilities of the existing CRM to accommodate the extended functionality of the mobile application.

Conducted testing of the created solutions.


Previously, Atlanta's real estate agents had to use the web version of the CRM each time to schedule new meetings with sellers and buyers, process applications, or arrange property viewings. Today, thanks to the efforts of our team, they can manage all their operational activities from their smartphones literally "on the go," with the technical capabilities of the CRM significantly enhanced.

As a result, we managed to reduce the workload on the company's employees and increase their efficiency, which ultimately will have a positive impact on Atlanta's profitability.

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