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  • Location:

    • Slovenia

  • Industry:

    • Aircraft sales

  • Technologies:

    • Python

    • Vue.js

    • HTML/CSS

  • Team:

    • 8 specialists

  • Solution:

    • CRM

Egmont aviation is the official distributor of Diamond Aircraft and JMB Aircraft aircraft in Slovenia. It sells original aircraft and trains pilots at its own certified aviation school.


Since Egmont aviation’s activities cover several areas at once, the company had a need to segment its clients in order to simplify analytics, automate lead processing, improve the quality of service and, accordingly, increase sales. Therefore, representatives of Egmont Aviation approached our team with a request to create their own functional CRM system.




To develop an effective CRM, we needed to understand how the client’s business works, how the interaction between employees and departments takes place, how work with clients is organized and other nuances. Therefore, when starting work on the project, we completely immersed ourselves in studying the Egmont aviation company, and our project manager built close communication with representatives of the customer.

As a result, we identified the client’s specific needs, formed a clear work plan, and only after that we were able to begin the technical implementation of the project.

The development of CRM consisted of five main stages:

  • Research and collection of information.

  • Design.

  • Implementation of frontend and backend parts.

  • Testing.

  • Technical support and development.

We built the CRM graphical interface using ready-made Vuexy components, which allowed us to reduce the budget for creating an individual design and significantly brought the release date closer.



While working on CRM, we faced several priority tasks. One of them is to organize the collection of analytical data about clients in the context of lead generation platforms. To solve this, we introduced an internal chat with integrations with Telegram, Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp, Sendpulse and the main website, and also created a system of appropriate tags so that at the time of correspondence the manager could see where the client was coming from.

In addition, we developed a tool to segment the company's customers into two main categories: aircraft buyers and aviation school students. This is necessary so that managers can process incoming requests more efficiently.

As part of the work on Egmont CRM, we also had to make some improvements to the client’s main website so that its functionality would meet the new tasks.



To ensure maximum stability, security and performance of CRM, we used an up-to-date technology stack that fully coped with these tasks.

We implemented the server part using the Django Python framework, which provides good performance and the highest level of security. The client side of CRM is primarily built on standard HTML/CSS technologies, but the reactive JavaScript framework Vue.js was used to create the chat module, which had a positive effect on the responsiveness of the interface.




Behind the easy and intuitive interface of Egmont CRM lies powerful functionality that covers all internal processes of Egmont aviation and automates the work of managers.

We suggest taking a closer look at the main modules:

Analytics. In this section, the manager can view detailed statistics on the company’s performance for the selected period: the number of new clients, the effectiveness of lead generation channels, client location and other important information.

  • Client base. We have carefully worked through the client catalog and introduced an effective filter system, which has greatly simplified the work of managers. Moreover, each client card contains the most complete information: personal data, related tasks, a list of documents, interaction history and files that can be stored directly in the CRM.

  • Document flow. A database of all company documents - commercial offers, contracts and invoices, with convenient filtering. We have also added a module for payment control. Accordingly, if a client does not pay the invoice on time, he and his manager are automatically sent a notification with a reminder via email and CRM.

  • Financial reports. A module for the company manager and accounting department, in which you can track the company’s financial results, income, expenses, flight school workload and other metrics.

  • Tasks. This section contains a list of planned tasks, with a description and regulations for their execution. To simplify working with the module, we have introduced a convenient filter system and tags that can be set as desired. Users can also create new tasks, assign a responsible employee, and monitor their progress.

  • Calendar. Here the manager can clearly see the list of planned tasks by date and the schedule for their implementation. For convenience, we have added the ability to switch the calendar to monthly, weekly or daily. The manager can view tasks for each individual employee.

  • Email. A tool for mass mailings to a client base, integrated with the Sendpulse service. Here, Egmont aviation employees can sort the desired category of clients using a filter system, select a design letter template or write text manually, and then send it in one click.

  • Settings. This module makes CRM as flexible and convenient as possible. Here the administrator can manage roles, customer service countries, lead sources, configure customer types and statuses, etc.

  • Employee base. Here you can see a list of company employees, their positions and contact information. The company manager has the ability to change access rights for users, as well as monitor their effectiveness.

  • Chat. The module is designed for convenient communication with clients. It is integrated with instant messengers and social networks in which the company operates, and allows managers to conduct dialogues in a single interface. At the same time, clients themselves receive messages on a platform that is convenient for them - on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram. If a person contacts the company for the first time, Egmont CRM prompts the manager to create a new client card and saves it in the database indicating the priority communication channel - this process is completed in a few clicks.



Using the new CRM, Egmont Aviation was able to automate accounting, lead processing, management and analysis of its clients. This helped to build more effective development strategies based on real statistical data and significantly increase profitability.

For the technical development of the product, the AVADA MEDIA team used all its practical experience and optimal technology stack. As a result, our client received the most convenient and functional product, in which each module is designed to solve specific problems of his business. We are currently continuing to develop CRM and are working on introducing new functionality.

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