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  • Location:

    • Israel

  • Industry:

    • Smart locks

  • Technologies:

    • Flutter

    • TTLock API

  • Team:

    • 4 specialists

  • Solution:

    • Mobile app

Our client is the Israeli company Magic Interactive LTD, which provides installation and support services for the new generation of smart locks TTLock. Its main audience is local local business: hotels, offices, swimming pools and other enterprises that need the ability to provide remote access to premises.


Our task was to develop a Magic Lock mobile application for the IOS and Android operating systems, which the company's clients could use to control locks via Bluetooth using BLE technology, or via network protocols.




User management, assigning locks and granting access rights occurs using the original web-administrator panel and through the official TTLock application. Therefore, we had to implement the connection through a reliable API connection and create functionality for direct interaction of Magic Interactive LTD clients with locks, controllers and other types of devices.

We started the implementation of the application with design. A careful approach to creating a prototype helped us select the optimal technology stack that takes into account the specifics of the project, plan the duration and cost of development, and also think through the solution to all the assigned tasks.


We chose the cross-platform Flutter framework as the main technology for implementation. On the one hand, it provides high software performance comparable to native technologies, and on the other hand, it uses a single code base to work in the IOS and Android operating systems, which allowed us to save the client’s budget and speed up the application’s launch to the market.

The development process followed the iterative Scrum methodology and consisted of six main stages:

  • Studying client requirements​

  • Design

  • Implementation of the technical part: frontend and API connection

  • Testing

  • Publishing applications in the AppStore and PlayMarket

The application has already been released and is available to Magic Interactive LTD clients in both application markets.




Our team has developed a cross-platform mobile application for remote control of innovative TTLock locks. For the convenience of users, we have added multilingual functionality - the product works not only in Hebrew, but also in English.

Now we continue to cooperate with Magic Interactive LTD and are working on developing and expanding the functions of its mobile application.

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