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The digital revolution, the Internet, e-commerce, smart business models, virtual currencies, online services, remote work – all these concepts have already become part of our lives and are symbols of digital transformation. No significant commercial project can do without the development of software in the form of web services, mobile applications, or classic desktop programs.

Digital transformation is replacing more and more outdated "analog" capabilities and functions. An ambitious startup, a growing commercial company thinking about increasing sales and transitioning services online, and a large organization aiming to optimize its business strategy – all of them today need to order software development or a website.

In any case, for accounting, a convenient database is needed. It is impossible to imagine sales growth and automation of interaction with customers without a CRM system. Content Management Systems (CMS) are used for filling corporate websites and blogs. Freight transportation and vehicles are monitored using GPS tracking and related navigation-mapping programs. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of examples where the development of high-quality and reliable software products is required.


Professional software development is impossible without sufficient knowledge of digital technologies and experience in writing mobile, online, and application programs. We offer you to evaluate our completed developments or decide on the need to order software.

First of all, we will outline the areas of digital activity where software services are most in demand and where we have a sufficient number of implemented projects. These include:

  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms;

  • Web services and web components for large portals;

  • E-commerce systems and online stores for retail, supporting various ways of ordering and paying for goods;

  • Professional CRM systems for sales and commercial contacts management, as well as ERP systems for company resource management;

  • CMS systems for managing content on web resources and administrative panels of websites;

  • Specialized industry projects in the form of web services and mobile applications for accounting, cafes and restaurants, taxi and freight transportation systems, etc.;

  • Cloud and server-based fault-tolerant solutions in business management;

  • UI/UX design development for websites and mobile applications;

  • Web portals, corporate websites, and landing pages;

  • QA, QC (quality control system), and software testing;

  • Technical support, consultations, and much more.

We develop software using modern network technologies and programming languages of various levels.

This includes:

React Native – a framework for mobile applications for Android and iOS; YII2 – a component environment for large web applications;

PHP — a general-purpose scripting language;

JavaScript/jQuery – a scripting language for web pages and its most popular library;

Vue.js — a JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces;

Spring/Java – a framework for Java programs, applicable to any devices and operating systems;

Symfony – a web framework for writing complex corporate programs in PHP;

Laravel – a web framework for typical and mobile PHP applications;

Kotlin — a universal programming language supported by Google for developing applications for the Android operating system;

Swift — a programming language created by Apple for writing programs for iOS and macOS operating systems;

OpenCart – a platform for e-commerce and online stores;

Bootstrap — a CSS framework for websites and applications with a Mobile First philosophy; HTML/CSS – markup language for web pages and hypertext document layout;

WordPress and Bitrix — content management systems.

Custom software development requires a formal and well-structured approach. Only then can a digital service be created that reliably performs all the functions assigned to it.



To create convenient, functional, and user-friendly software that will be in demand among users and able to solve client's problems, a developer must look at the problem through the eyes of the client. That's why it's important not to neglect the early stages of software development – analysis of the initial conditions, preparation of technical specifications, and prototyping. Only in this case can you be confident that the final stages of launching and debugging the system will proceed on time and without issues.

We have significant experience in developing large-scale industry-specific commercial solutions across a wide range of topics – from projects in real estate, medicine, or finance to tourism, education, and sports.

Practical knowledge allows optimizing timelines (and therefore budgets) and avoiding spending resources on solving typical tasks that developers of a particular type of software traditionally face.

The development and implementation time of a digital service – from contract signing to acceptance testing of the project – typically takes from 3 to 12 months. The approximate budget range depending on the specialization of the software is from $3,500 to $50,000. The stage of maintenance and initial technical support of the project can be extended by agreement for a period of up to 3 months or more.

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