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  • Location:

    • USA

  • Industry:

    • Notice Board

  • Technologies:

    • PHP

    • Flutter

  • Team:

    • 4 specialists

  • Solution:

    • Mobile app for ads is a bulletin board and information portal for immigrants in the United States. It provides services for job search, housing, business advertising, and helps users to get acquainted with the cultural life of the United States.


We were faced with the task of finalizing and updating the client’s mobile application so that it would correspond to the functionality of the updated site.


The application is implemented on the Flutter framework, one of the best cross-platform technologies on the market. It provides excellent performance, smooth animations, and allows you to work with native IOS and Android interface elements. Therefore, our specialists had to make changes that would harmoniously fit into the concept of the project on both operating systems.



To optimize the work on the application, we used the Scrum methodology – all tasks were distributed among specialists and performed in short sprints. Then each sprint was presented to the client and approved.

The development steps were as follows:

  • Research — we studied the client’s requirements and the technical feasibility of their implementation.

  • Frontend development — the user part of the application was finalized taking into account the updated functionality.

  • Testing – QA engineers thoroughly tested all changes.

  • Publishing — posted an updated version of the application in the AppStore and PlayMarket application markets.


As part of the finalization of the application, we performed the following work:

  • Added the display of banners by category, type and location – individually for each city.

  • Integrate Google Analytics for conversion tracking.

  • Hidden the display of ads on the map.

  • Removed the ability to rate ads.

  • The user’s personal account has been removed.

  • Changed search categories.

  • We hid the filter in the Truck service, which is no longer used.

  • We updated the display of icons – reduced the size and set up the correct display on different screen sizes.

  • Removed old banners that are not displayed via API.



As a result, our team managed to finalize the client’s application in 2 months. The project involved Flutter-specialists, Project Manager and QA-engineer.

The update of the application helped provide better services to its customers and get up-to-date information about conversions using the Google Analytics service.

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