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  • Location:

    • USA

  • Industry:

    • Investments

  • Technologies:

    • Vue.js

    • Gsap

    • Three.js

    • Nuxt.js

  • Team:

    • 7 specialists

  • Solution:

    • Website - investment platform


Continental Technology is a new player in the cryptocurrency industry, where lifestyle intersects with technology. By combining GameFi, their own unique Continental blockchain, Web 3.0, crypto wallet, and AI capabilities, the startup ensures the intelligent integration of all existing and new technologies, offering a completely new paradigm of digital interaction worldwide: more convenient, private, secure, and cost-effective.

The main focus of the startup's development is the web platform, and our team's task was to fully represent its image, views, and advantages of Continental Technology.



During our initial communications, we identified the client's key business objectives at the current stage: attracting investors and launching marketing activities to expand the platform's influence in the market. Therefore, all subsequent work was geared towards achieving these goals.

It was decided to:

  • Create a futuristic design using animated 3D graphics that would accurately convey the value of Continental to the target audience.

  • Provide opportunities for further scalability of the web platform, including expanding functionality, implementing integrations, and introducing an interactive 3D room to promote the Metacontinental game.

  • Utilize high-quality content while maintaining optimal system performance on both mobile and desktop devices.



The project development proceeded through several stages:

  1. Information gathering: We studied the client's requirements and business objectives, conducted an analysis of their existing website, and identified key players in the market. This led to the formation and approval of a clear project implementation concept.

  2. Design: Based on the approved concept, we meticulously crafted and developed a prototype of the platform. It consisted of four main components: interface wireframes, UX design, a functional description table, and module block diagrams.

  • Design Development: Designers created a unique design covering a wide range of extensions, from smartphones and tablets to large screens and exhibition stands.

  • Frontend Development: The development of the interface at the software level included implementing visual styling and animations, organizing user interaction through interactive elements, and handling user actions. To achieve minimal page load times while maintaining high-quality graphics, we conducted deep optimization and reduced the polygon count.

  • Testing: After completing the development, all interface components were thoroughly tested and debugged.


We favored innovative JavaScript libraries and frameworks in our technological stack:

Vue.js — for handling presentation layer tasks and simplifying library usage.

Gsap — for creating web animations.

Three.js — for displaying animated 3D graphics.

Nuxt.js — for organizing all stages of UI rendering.




The Midnight technology team designed and developed the client part of the Continental Technology investment web platform, which will become an effective tool for attracting investors and scaling the ecosystem.

At the moment, the Continental Technology web platform has already been launched, and our team continues to work on its development.

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